National Assembly Adopts Same-Sex Marriage

Video by Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique. PARIS. – The same-sex marriage bill was adopted Tuesday April 23 just after 5:00 p.m. without further amendments, but that does not mean the fight is over.  The final vote came to 331 for and 225 against after impassioned speeches from various party leaders on both sides.  […]

Gay Marriage Debate Reveals Trends in French Society

If everything goes correctly, the bill legalizing marriage and adoption for homosexual couples will be voted Tuesday in the National Assembly, on the same terms as the one that was voted in the Senate a couple of weeks ago. Of course, a few steps will remain: François Hollande will still have to sign the law […]

A Look Back at the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Immediately after the French Assembly deliberated over the same-sex marriage bill, the British followed suit. In Britain, same-sex civil unions are already feasible and surrogacy is an available option for every couple, as long as it is not paid. To no surprise, the bill passed quietly, since on the other side of the Channel the […]