Former Defense Minister’s Pro-Colonialism Remarks Strain Ties with Algeria

Though French colonialism has long fallen by the wayside, remnants of its influence still pervade some members of the French government. Former Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, who served from 2011 to 2012 under the Sarkozy administration, has criticized current president Francois Hollande’s effort to officially recognize the suffering of Algerians during colonization. During a two-day […]

Hollande Takes Giant Step in French-Algerian Relations

At the top of President François Hollande’s agenda during his visit to Algeria: how to deal with the shared history of France and Algeria during colonization? Unlike his predecessors, who failed to overcome this troubled period of Franco-Algerian relations, Hollande officially recognized the “suffering” inflicted on the Algerians during colonization in his speech in front […]

Hollande’s Reaction to Paris 1961 Massacre

This Wednesday, October 17th, the French President, Francois Hollande declared that the French Republic “clearly acknowledges the blood-ridden” repression of the Algerian protest in Paris on October 17th 1961. Mr. Hollande asserts that, “ On October 17th 1961, Algerians who were protesting for their right of independence, were killed in a brutal repression… Fifty-one years […]

Algeria’s Long and Painful Fight for Independence

July 5, 2012. 50 years ago Algeria was winning its independence after a bloody civil war. Today the relations between France and Algeria are still very fragile and difficult as Simon Buisson explained in his article Sunday. Yet, from where do these difficulties stem? Without an explanation about the common past of France and Algeria, […]