French Government Urges Hospitality

When it comes to tourism, France enjoys a reputation for elegance in its arts and architecture, finesse in its cuisine, and romance in its streets. This reputation attracts millions of travelers to the City of Love and to the French countryside. Unfortunately, France does not enjoy a reputation for hospitality. Neighboring countries often comically mock […]

PRISM : View from France of the Intelligence Scandal

At the beginning of June the Guardian and the Washington Post revealed the existence of two secret programs run by the National Security Agency (NSA). The first program has been collecting telephone data from the telecom provider Verizon since 2006. The second, called PRISM, captures social network communications, but only of users located outside the […]

Facebook: One More Bullet Dodged?

Nowadays, who hasn’t heard about Facebook? Throughout the years, this social networking site has gained a lot of momentum. First with the movie, The Social Network coming out in 2010 and winning 3 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes, and then with Facebook entering the stock market in May 2012. However, not all has been promising for this […]

Mobile Company Orange Breaks Down Leaving Many Without Service

For 12 hours on Friday, clients of the French mobile company, Orange, were left without means of communication. This means that more than 27 million people were unable to call or connect to a cell phone network, creating serious issues for individuals to businesses. On a huge day for holiday travel and also when many […]