Taubira and Security Issues: the Never-ending Debate between Sanction and Prevention

Christiane Taubira, the French Minister of Justice, recently triggered a storm of criticism after she questioned the efficiency of the Centres Educatifs Fermés (CEF), a name for enclosed educational centers for young offenders. The debate created by her comments stirred up the old and traditional opposition between Right and Left regarding security and criminal issues. The […]

President Hollande Delayed by Lightning Strike

PARIS – President Hollande was forced to turn back en route to Berlin due to a lightning strike on the Presidential plane. Despite rain and bad weather overshadowing his own inauguration and first official speech earlier today, Hollande hoped to begin his first 100 days with a diplomatic mission to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. […]

François Hollande Officially Inaugurated; Nominates Ayrault for PM

PARIS – Despite the Paris rain, a large crowd of all ages gathered at Tuileries Palace to hear François Hollande deliver his first speech at the President of France. He chose to focus on education, saying that the public school system is “the spirit of the Republic” and that he wanted to dedicate his first […]