FEMEN Strikes Tunisia with Harder Consequences

Three activists from international feminist group FEMEN have been arrested since May 29th in Tunisia after holding topless demonstrations outside the Justice Ministry in Tunis.  Two of the jailed women are French nationals, Pauline Hillier and Marguerite Stern, and the other is German Josephine Markmann. According to FEMEN, their protests were born from the spirit […]

Extreme Far-Right Historian Commits Suicide in Notre Dame

In an act of political protest, extreme far-right historian, Dominique Venner, committed suicide in front of the altar in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday. He left a letter explaining his motives on the altar and shot himself through the mouth while regular tours were taking place. Police quickly evacuated the cathedral, as an […]

What We Missed in April

Femen attempted action in front of the Tunisian Ambassy (April 4) Fifteen women from the feminist group Femen were arrested in front of the Tunisian embassy in Paris demonstrating support for Amina Tyler. The Tunisian woman fled from her family due to threats of stoning, following the publication of pictures exposing her topless. Three other […]