Keeping Personal Information Private: Europe responds to NSA Overseas Surveillance

The United States NSA, National Security Agency, has not only been keeping track of business at home, but has expanded its network overseas. Recently, Europeans have discovered Prism, an information program put in place by the NSA to scan communications on various online websites, such as Google, Facebook, and Skype. These new revelations were reported […]

French Prosecutors to Investigate US Surveillance Activities

The Paris prosecutor’s office revealed on Wednesday that it is running a preliminary investigation into complaints of criminal wrongdoing connected to the United States’ PRISM spying program. The inquiry—begun on July 16—is addressing allegations of fraudulent access to data systems, illegal collection of personal data, violation of privacy, and breach of confidentiality of correspondence, according […]

Facebook: One More Bullet Dodged?

Nowadays, who hasn’t heard about Facebook? Throughout the years, this social networking site has gained a lot of momentum. First with the movie, The Social Network coming out in 2010 and winning 3 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes, and then with Facebook entering the stock market in May 2012. However, not all has been promising for this […]