Fiscal Evasion a Large Topic of Discussion at EU Summit in Brussels

On Wednesday, May 22nd, Brussels hosted a summit for the leaders of the European Union (EU) states.  France, alongside the UK and Germany, lobbied for the four-hour session to include an in-depth discussion of tax loopholes and evasion within the Eurozone, alongside the scheduled talks on European energy policy ad infrastructure.  These talks were prompted […]

Tensions High on Eve of Cyprus Bailout Deadline

Updated March 25: After striking a pre-dawn agreement with representatives from the E.U. and IMF to avoid imminent bankruptcy, Cypriot officials announced Monday March 25 that several of the nation’s largest banks will remain closed this week to avoid a public run on these financial institutions.  Uninsured Cypriot bank accounts may see up to a 30% […]

European Council Announces New Project Budget

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, announced the project budget for 2014-2020 on Friday February 8.  Meeting bi-annually, this body guides the priorities and evolution of the European Union.  Although the Council did not release the specifics for the budget plan, Van Rompuy tweeted that after 24 hours of negotiations it was “worth […]