English-Language Instruction Bill Approved in Parliament

A controversial measure to expand English-language instruction in French universities was approved last week, but the debate has not yet stopped. The bill, which allows for Anglophone instruction in courses unrelated to English, set off a national outcry when Minister for Higher Education and Research Geneviève Fioraso introduced it before the French Parliament. It was […]

What We Missed in May

President of the UMP Ends Functions as Lawyer (April 22) Jean François Copé – president of the UMP – announced he will cease his lawyer activities to be able to fully focus on his political group and his country. Copé left his job with the international law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel in 2010, but had until […]

Fight Over English in Universities Raises Questions About the Place of the French Language Today

A proposed measure that would expand English-language instruction in French universities has caused a political uproar in the famously language-proud country. The bill, if passed, would strike down a 1994 “Toubon law” and allow for French universities to offer a wider range of courses taught in English. It would particularly allow for English language instruction […]