Electronic Cigarettes Subjected to Classic Cigarettes Bans

On World No Tobacco Day last Friday, May 31, Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Health, announced that the government wants to ban electronic cigarettes for minors (under 18 years-old) and forbid any kind of advertisements for the product. She also announced that e-cigarettes would be banned in public places, including bars and restaurants, since “the […]

Electronic Cigarette Popularity Raises Controversy in France

In May 2011, the previous French Agency for Safety of Health Products (ANSM) recommended that the public stay away from the newly popular electronic cigarettes. Pharmacies had not officially secured the right to sell them, and the electronic cigarette was only available through some special businesses and online. That is not enough to dissuade many […]

Cashtray: Electronic Cigarettes Take Off in France

It has become expensive to buy cigarettes in France. Now, a new market for electronic cigarettes is taking off. PARIS. – It’s a rainy French afternoon. Imagine a woman, legs crossed and cigarette lit. Dressed in black, she is a classic example of Parisian charm as she elegantly ashes into the tray next to her café crème. But […]