LJP Live Blog: American Election Results and Global Reactions

La Jeune Politique’s transatlantic team gives us a special perspective on tonight’s election. We will be running a live blog as the results from the US election come in, and we’ll also be covering international responses. Also, check out our Twitter @ljpolitique. Some states, including the battleground state of Virginia, are closing their polls at […]

Sarkozy’s Future: “A Frenchman in France”

PARIS – Before his humbled and disappointed constituents Sunday evening at the Palace Elysée, Nicolas Sarkozy made clear that his time as a political candidate was over. While he did not explicitly resign from politics altogether in his concession speech, he declared that “Another time begins. In this new era, I will remain one of […]

Candidates and Public Head to the Polls

UPDATED, PARIS – As of 5pm local time, the current participation rate is 71.96%, as reported by Le Monde.  After polls opened at 8am Sunday morning, the Ministry of the Interior reports that within the first four hours 30.66% of the population had voted in the 2nd tour of the election, an increase from the […]