Admissions Post-Bac: Application Website for Higher Education Revamped

“The University, a choice that works me.” So reads the new slogan for the renovated 2014 “Admission Post-Bac” website, the national portal for preregistration into France’s schools of higher education.  The website, similar to the Common App interface in the United States, serves both public and private post-secondary institutions.  Planned to undergo significant renovation over […]

The French Baccalaureat– a Billion Euro Exam

On Friday June 21, the last official exam of the French Baccalaureat was held. The Baccalaureat exam, the equivalent of UK A-Levels and the equivalent of American High School’s end-of-year exams, is solely a State run program. The French Baccalaureat is one of the oldests schooling systems. Originating from the 18th century, the Baccalaureat was […]

Sweeping Education Reform Passes in French Parliament

President Hollande’s historic education reform bill, championed by the French Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon, was passed by the French Parliament March 19. As an enormous part of Hollande’s platform for his election campaign in 2012, this bill’s passage is a huge coup for the President and his government, especially in light of the recent […]