Rumors: French Nuclear Plants May Get Deferred Retirement

France’s current generation of nuclear power plants may keep running for a while longer, with conflicting reports suggesting that the French government has authorized an extension of plants’ active lifespans from 40 to 50 years. Government officials, however, have denied that any such decision has been reached, and safety regulators have said that they were […]

France Sells Shares of Safran, Further Sales on the Horizon

Last week, the French state sold a portion of its shares in the aeronautic equipment manufacturer Safran. In light of the successful transaction, Minister of Industrial Renewal Arnaud Montebourg announced on Friday, April 5 that this type of operation might be repeated. The French government has begun undertaking such selloffs in an effort to pay […]

Recent Petition Brings Back Memories of Teenagers Killed in 2005

In 2005, the death of two teenagers in Clichy-sous-bois lead to an insurrection that lasted three weeks and forced Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister at the time, to declare a state of emergency. The story began on October 27th, when Zyed Benna, Bouna Traoré, and their friends were going home after playing soccer. The social situation was […]