French Surgeons Successfully Install Artificial Heart

Nothing short of a holiday miracle, cardiac surgeons in France have successfully installed an artificial heart into a 75-year-old patient on December 21. The prosthetic organ, designed and engineered by French company Carmat with the help of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), utilizes cardiac tissue from biological sources — such as cows […]

Defense Company’s Cuts to Affect French Employment

Earlier this month, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) unveiled plans to cut 5,800 jobs in several European countries – Germany, France, England and Spain. The cuts come just one year after a merger of EADS and BAE Systems, a British defense company, fell through due to opposition in Germany. At a time […]

EADS to Become Airbus Group

The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, the global leader in aerospace defense and related services, will now be hailed as the Airbus Group. The parent group of airplane manufacturer Airbus will utilize the ‘Airbus’ brand, as it divides the newly formed group into three divisions – commercial aircraft, defense and space, and helicopters. In […]

Is the Rise of the Euro Hurting European Economies?

On Tuesday, February 5 French President Francois Hollande expressed his complaint over an overvalued euro that does not represent the current state of the economy, claiming it is hurting the French.  During his speech Hollande asked the European Parliament to commit to reform of the currency that is currently at $1.35, a 12 percent increase […]

EADS Restructured, Balance between France and Germany Intact

European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) unveiled a restructuring of its company, a change so huge that it is being called a “new birth.”  Upon the withdrawal of French conglomerate Ladagère and German automaker Daimler, France and Germany plan to restructure their shareholding in order to maintain equal ownership positions in the company. Under […]

Gallois Report Heralds Policy Backtracking as Economic Woes Persist

After commissioning a report by Louis Gallois, the former head of European aerospace group EADS, French President François Hollande is set to address French economic woes through suggested provisions lowering payroll taxes and public spending. France’s share of Eurozone exports has dropped three percentage points in one year, from 17% down to 14%, and the […]

The World’s Largest Aerospace and Defense Group : Next Time ….

Boeing no longer has to worry, the project of EADS and BAE to merge into the largest  aerospace and defense group to date was aborted last Wednesday. The companies did not press the British Takeover Panel — in charge of the regulation and supervision of takeovers — on their desire to prorogue the deadline fixed by […]

EADS and BAE: A Fusion Endangered by French Policy?

EADS – Europe’s biggest civil aerospace manufacturer – and BAE – a British weapons manufacturer – are negotiating a €38 billion merger deal to compete with American company Boeing and create a leading company in aerospace and defence. EADS is the parent company to Airbus. The French are unwilling to lower their stake in the […]