Environment Minister Batho Fired, Hollande Criticized

French President Francois Hollande promptly fired Delphine Batho, a member of the Parti socialiste (PS) and now-former Environment Minister of France, after she voiced her displeasure on RTL Radio with the “bad” proposed 7% cut to the energy and environment ministry. “Of course there will be…budget tightening,” Batho noted, “but there are also other ways of proceeding, […]

French Constitutional Council Strikes Down Bonus/Malus Law on Energy

On Friday, April 12, the French Constitutional Council struck down a new law proposing a bonus/malus tax on private citizens for energy consumption. The judges of the Council ruled the bill unconstitutional, citing that it did not uphold the country’s principle of equality. The government-backed bill, introduced by MP François Brottes of Parti socialiste (PS), […]

Something Fishy: More Scandal to Taint French Food Industries

In the midst of the Spanghero horsemeat scandal that has tarnished the French food service industry, a new crisis has arisen that has evoked complaints from consumers and organizations alike.  In 2001, the European Union passed a law making it illegal to feed farmed fish using flour (or meal) made from animal meat. This law was […]