European Court of Human Rights Orders France to Maintain Life Support for Tetraplegic

On Tuesday, June 24, the European Court of Human Rights suspended the decision made just a few hours before by French Council of State to end treatment for Vincent Lambert, a 38-year-old tetraplegic man who has been in coma for six years. The Court ordered France to maintain the man’s life support before any final […]

UPDATE: French Court Lifts Mercedes Ban

The highest court in France has lifted the controversial ban on the sale of Mercedes cars that used an air-conditioning coolant deemed harmful under EU legislation. The ruling was announced on Tuesday, and gave the French government two days to allow entry of the previously banned cars. The France Conseil d’État (Council of State) released […]

Counter Powers: Democracy in Action

Simply speaking, it was an exciting week in French politics. In less than seven days, the majority didn’t qualify for the second round of a by-election, the Budget Minister was forced to resign, and a motion of no confidence, rejected by the Parliament and the former President of the Republic, was put under formal investigation […]