President Hollande Fails to Quell Leonarda Affair

President François Hollande continues his involvement in the case of Leonarda Dibrani, the fifteen-year-old Romani girl deported to Kosovo over a week ago because her family was living illegally in France for nearly five years. Attempting to avoid any further debate on immigration issues, Hollande issued a statement via national television on October 19, stating […]

Koh-Lanta, Back on the Air in 2014

On Wednesday, July 31, TF1, the most popular TV channel in France, announced that it is bringing “Koh-Lanta” back on the air in 2014. “Koh-Lanta,” the French version of “Survivor,” is a reality-based/adventure show where 14 to 20 contestants compete against each other for cash prizes on an uninhabited island with scarce basic resources. Running […]