French Council of State Allows Genetically-Modified Corn to Return to France

On Thursday, August 1, the Conseil d’Etat (Council of State), France’s highest administrative jurisdiction, lifted the ban on the genetically modified (GM) corn, MON810 grown by Monsanto. The ruling was based on case law from the EU’s court of justice, which clearly states, “such a measure cannot be taken by a member state except for […]

Counter Powers: Democracy in Action

Simply speaking, it was an exciting week in French politics. In less than seven days, the majority didn’t qualify for the second round of a by-election, the Budget Minister was forced to resign, and a motion of no confidence, rejected by the Parliament and the former President of the Republic, was put under formal investigation […]

New Seats on Constitutional Council All Filled by Women

For the first time in history, three women have now have seats on the Constitutional Council. This past week, François Hollande, Jean-Pierre Bel, and Claude Bartolone have appointed three nominees to sit on the council. On February 12, Hollande named Nicole Maestracci as the replacement for Pierre Steinmetz. Maestracci was the first president of La […]

The Week of the President: From ‘Flanby’ to Commander-in-Chief

Hugo Argenton is LJP’s French columnist. He lives in Lille, France. The opinions expressed in this editorial are his own and are not indicative of LJP’s views. One of the biggest difficulties in analyzing politics lies with the fact that it cannot be disconnected from time and bias. If you follow general public tendencies, you […]

Hollande Takes First Step Towards Necessary Reform of Constitutional Council

In his New Year’s speech to the “wise men” of the Constitutional Council, François Hollande declared that he would put an end to the right held by former Presidents to be members of this institution. Hollande’s decision acknowledges one fact: the Constitutional Council has gone from a technical, marginal institution to a guardian of the […]

Op-Ed: Getting Away with Sexual Harassment Just Got Easier

Wednesday, June 20, the Senate finished its report on a new sexual harassment law that will fill the current legal void surrounding the issue. In the wake of the Presidential Election, a major court decision went relatively unnoticed.  As of May 4th, 2012, there is no longer a law protecting sexual harassment victims in France. […]