Françafrique: A Resurgent France Has a Responsibility to Keep House in Its Former Colonial Neighborhood

In the mid twentieth century, France’s colonial possessions in Africa encompassed enormous swathes of land, from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia in the northwest to Madagascar in the southeast. Fifty-some years after the final dissolution of the French empire, France’s recent military incursions on the continent are sparking speculation of a French attempt to resurrect its […]

French Criminal Defense Lawyer Jacques Vergès Dies at Age 88

Jacques Vergès, the French lawyer renowned for defending prominent war criminals and terrorists of the 20th century, passed away in Paris on August 15th. The lawyer, nicknamed “the devil’s advocate” for defending high-profile criminals such as the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, suffered a heart attack. The location of Vergès death was a final act […]

Former Defense Minister’s Pro-Colonialism Remarks Strain Ties with Algeria

Though French colonialism has long fallen by the wayside, remnants of its influence still pervade some members of the French government. Former Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, who served from 2011 to 2012 under the Sarkozy administration, has criticized current president Francois Hollande’s effort to officially recognize the suffering of Algerians during colonization. During a two-day […]