The Complexities of Remembering: 20 Years After the Rwandan Genocide

PARIS- 20 years ago this spring Rwanda experienced the fastest and most efficient genocide in history. In addition to the indescribable human and emotional cost, it took a tremendous toll on the country’s economy. Rwanda has made great strides since 1994 and has restored its economy to pre-genocide levels. It is the only country in […]

“Wall of Jerks” in French Magistrates Union Raises Concerns of Political Neutrality

A storm over political bias of France’s judges has blown up, with the revelation of a bizarre Mur des Cons—literally, “Wall of Jerks” –in France’s second largest Magistrates union. The wall featured caricatures and insulting slogans of French right wing political heavyweights, including former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Comments on the wall accuse politicians of a […]

Rédoine Faïd Escapes from Lille Prison, Manhunt Ensues

In what CNN described as an event “that went as if scripted for a suspense film,” notorious French gangster Rédoine Faïd escaped from a Lille prison where he had served the past two years of his most recent sentence.  A wanted criminal in the 1990s after a series of armed-truck robberies, Algerian-French Faïd famously drew […]

Taubira Announces Equal Rights for Same-Sex Couples, Controversy Ensues from Both Sides

In an interview for the French newspaper La Croix, the Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, announced that gay couples would be granted the complete equality regarding their legal rights compared to straight couples. The statement triggered a storm of criticisms even from the supporters of the law. On September 11th, Christiane Taubira announced that the […]

Taubira and Security Issues: the Never-ending Debate between Sanction and Prevention

Christiane Taubira, the French Minister of Justice, recently triggered a storm of criticism after she questioned the efficiency of the Centres Educatifs Fermés (CEF), a name for enclosed educational centers for young offenders. The debate created by her comments stirred up the old and traditional opposition between Right and Left regarding security and criminal issues. The […]

Philippe Courroye’s Fight Against His Transfer

“A manhunt” are the words that the Nanterre prosecutor Philippe Courroye used in late July in Le Figaro to announce his transfer by the Department of Justice. Validated by a decree from the President of the Republic, he appeals to the State Council about his appointment as Attorney General at the Paris Court of Appeals. […]

Op-Ed: Getting Away with Sexual Harassment Just Got Easier

Wednesday, June 20, the Senate finished its report on a new sexual harassment law that will fill the current legal void surrounding the issue. In the wake of the Presidential Election, a major court decision went relatively unnoticed.  As of May 4th, 2012, there is no longer a law protecting sexual harassment victims in France. […]