Keeping Personal Information Private: Europe responds to NSA Overseas Surveillance

The United States NSA, National Security Agency, has not only been keeping track of business at home, but has expanded its network overseas. Recently, Europeans have discovered Prism, an information program put in place by the NSA to scan communications on various online websites, such as Google, Facebook, and Skype. These new revelations were reported […]

Fiscal Evasion a Large Topic of Discussion at EU Summit in Brussels

On Wednesday, May 22nd, Brussels hosted a summit for the leaders of the European Union (EU) states.  France, alongside the UK and Germany, lobbied for the four-hour session to include an in-depth discussion of tax loopholes and evasion within the Eurozone, alongside the scheduled talks on European energy policy ad infrastructure.  These talks were prompted […]

Horsing Around: Horsemeat Found in Frozen Food Dishes

  According to a judiciary source, Europe has opened a preliminary investigation since discovering the use of horsemeat in place of beef in food dishes. The investigation was originally opened in Metz on Tuesday but has been relocated to the Public Health Center in Paris, a national organization that handles food product concerns. The reins […]

European Court of Justice Strikes Down Two Session Strasbourg Week

Those hoping to see the European Parliament discontinue its “two-seat” system were dealt a blow Thursday 13 December, as the European Court of Justice ruled that the Parliament’s plan to condense its mandatory number of meetings in Strasbourg by holding two plenary sessions in one week was against treaty provisions. The challenge, brought by France […]

Brussels European Summit: France and Germany Divided

French and German governments have expressed their disagreement this week as members of the Euro Zone meet to discuss the project of a European Banking Union at the European summit, taking place October 18th and 19th. Angela Merkel said she was in favor of a step-by-step integration, whereas her French colleague said he wanted to […]