What the Cabinet Shake-Up Reveals about the Flaws of the Fifth Republic

On Monday, August 25, the cabinet of Prime Minister Manuel Valls was dismissed and a new cabinet was formed the following day. Valls has been Prime Minister for less than six months. The cabinet dismissal occurred in reaction to the public opposition of Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg and other ministers to the economic policies of President […]

The War of the Roses: Cabinet Shake Up Reflects Dissension Amid Socialists

“Should we now apologize for being on the left?” asked now former Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti. Those words could aptly describe the political earthquake that shook the French government on Tuesday, when French Prime Minister Manuel Valls proclaimed a new list of cabinet ministers. Valls was designated PM just six months ago following the socialist […]

Vivendi Accepts Numericable Bid to Buy SFR

  Vivendi announced on April 5 it would accept the bid from Numericable to buy its telecommunication affiliate SFR, over a rival offer from Bouygues, in a deal worth more than 17 billion euros. According to the announcement released last Saturday, the supervisory board of Vivendi “unanimously” decided to accept the offer from Numericable, a […]

Titan International Looks to Rescue Amiens Goodyear Plant

Earlier this week, Titan International made an offer of partial reestablishment of the Goodyear site in Amiens Nord. The plan would revive agricultural tire production, bringing 333 employees back to work for the next year. Belonging to Goodyear France, a subsidiary of U.S. firm Goodyear, this site was condemned to close in January following five […]

34 Projects for France’s “Industrial Renaissance”

A film on the Elysée website reminds viewers that France gave the world the steam locomotive, the automobile, the motorized scooter, cinema, modern medicine, and radioactivity. The voice of Charles de Gaulle booms, “We must obtain the rung of a great industrial state or resign ourselves to decline.” This is the introduction to a new […]

French Government Blocks Yahoo! Deal with Dailymotion

Arnaud Montebourg, French minister of industrial renewal, has blocked Yahoo! from buying a 75 percent stake in French video website Dailymotion. The move is a symbolic declaration of patriotism from the French government, who wants to protect one of France’s biggest start-up companies. Montebourg told the Wall Street Journal that he would not let Dailymotion […]

French Robotics Industry to Get 100 Million Euro Boost

Last month, Arnaud Montebourg, Minister for Industrial Renewal in France, announced at the European Robotics Forum in Lyon that a 100 million euro plan ($129.6 million), called the French Robot Initiative, would be introduced so that France could catch up to its competitors in the field. Montebourg wants France to follow Germany’s example, which currently […]

France Sells Shares of Safran, Further Sales on the Horizon

Last week, the French state sold a portion of its shares in the aeronautic equipment manufacturer Safran. In light of the successful transaction, Minister of Industrial Renewal Arnaud Montebourg announced on Friday, April 5 that this type of operation might be repeated. The French government has begun undertaking such selloffs in an effort to pay […]

Montebourg Clashes With Titan

On Tuesday, February 19, the French newspaper Les Echos triggered a clash between the French government and the tire company Titan with the publication of a polemical letter from its CEO, Maurice M. Taylor, Jr., known as “the Grizz.” In the letter, Taylor, former candidate for the Republican nomination in 1996, criticized the workers of […]

Agreement Reached with ArcelorMittal, Montebourg Nearly Resigns

The defused conflict between the government and the company ArcelorMittal almost cost France its Minister of Productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg. Montebourg almost resigned from this position on Saturday, December 1. The Minister had fought for months to avoid the lay-off plan that threatened the workers of Mittal and advocated the pure nationalization of several parts […]