Saving Industrial France: Report calls EU policy “naïve”

A parliamentary report released Tuesday, July 16 in France by the commission assigned to inquire into the French steel industry claims that Europe’s industrial policy is “naïve” and requires protectionist measures. The commission provided 26 proposals to, in particular, rescue the steel industry in France. Described by Le Figaro as “scathing,” the report calls the […]

“Florange Law” Proposed One Year After Hollande Takes Office

Hollande and the Parti Socialiste (PS) have finally introduced a bill regarding the closing of viable industrial sites, which was promised during his campaign in February of last year. The proposal came shortly after the ArcelorMittal steelworkers in Florange erected a tombstone dedicated to Hollande, marked with the word “betrayal”. Hollande had visited the site […]

Agreement Reached with ArcelorMittal, Montebourg Nearly Resigns

The defused conflict between the government and the company ArcelorMittal almost cost France its Minister of Productive Recovery, Arnaud Montebourg. Montebourg almost resigned from this position on Saturday, December 1. The Minister had fought for months to avoid the lay-off plan that threatened the workers of Mittal and advocated the pure nationalization of several parts […]

World’s Largest Steel Producer and French Government Collide

Politics and economics collided this week in France when President Francois Hollande’s government threatened the world’s largest steel producer ArcelorMittal with nationalization after the company made a decision to close down one of its bases, an act which would place 600 people out of their jobs. ArcelorMittal has given a type of ultimatum to the […]