French Intelligence Targets Taqiyya Followers

One year after the death of the Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah, French counterterrorism experts are investigating the use of “taqiyya,” or the practice of deceiving society by concealing one’s faith, among Jihadists. Those who practice this technique of dissimulation engage in actions that contradict their beliefs, or deny their faith entirely. The goal is to […]

Hollande Honors Fallen Soldier at Alpine Military Base

Saturday morning, President François Hollande visited the Varces military base at the foot of the Alps to speak at the military funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan last Monday, August 6. Major Franck Bouzet, who died during an operation in the Kapisa province of Afghanistan, was the 88th French soldier to lose his life […]

News Analysis: The Issues With Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

One of the first international issues President François Hollande will have to deal with in the coming months is Afghanistan. During the campaign, the new President pledged to withdraw soldiers from Afghanistan before the end of 2012, a year earlier than expected with his predecessor. In an interview with RTL – a popular French radio […]