French Football Clubs Cry Foul Over 75% Tax

French association football (soccer) teams are in an uproar in the aftermath of French President François Hollande’s sweeping tax measures introduced as part of the 2014 budget. The 75% tax levied on the wealthiest in France will effect more than France’s millionaires, and football teams have declared the tax will “kill” the sport. Because the […]

Moscovici Announces No Limit on CEO Salaries

Setting a limit on the income of the CEOs of public companies was one of the most symbolic and awaited of the propositions François Hollande made during his presidential campaign. The intention was to set the maximum income at 450,000 euros per year, as was published in a government decree July 26, 2012. This initiative […]

Hollande Gives Entrepreneurs Tax Cut Amid Budget Trouble

After dismal economic reports for the first four months of 2013 with France’s unemployment rate still over 10%, President François Hollande announced Monday, April 29 a plan to cut investment tax for entrepreneurs as an incentive for business interests in the French market. The plan would cut up to 65% on capital gains tax for […]

The Week of the President: From ‘Flanby’ to Commander-in-Chief

Hugo Argenton is LJP’s French columnist. He lives in Lille, France. The opinions expressed in this editorial are his own and are not indicative of LJP’s views. One of the biggest difficulties in analyzing politics lies with the fact that it cannot be disconnected from time and bias. If you follow general public tendencies, you […]

Hollande May Not Implement 75% Tax

The newspapers Les Échos and Le Figaro recently revealed that the French government was about to reduce the scope of what is probably Hollande’s most symbolic measure: his 75% tax on income above €1 million. Many commentators are already talking about a tax that has been emptied of its force.   The government has not […]