Hollande’s Struggle, Exemplified by Bastille Day

Never in the history of the Fifth Republic had a French President been so low in the opinion polls. While more than 60 % of the French people had a positive opinion of the President when he was elected in May 2012, this number has not stopped decreasing since that month. Today, it has more […]

French Constitutional Council Validates the Same-Sex Marriage Bill

May 17 was the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), and also the day the French Constitutional Council approved the same-sex marriage bill that will give same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children. On Friday, May 17, in the late afternoon, the “wise-men” of the Council released a statement, declaring that “the articles (…) […]

Exclusive Interview with Kader Arif, Minister for Veteran Affairs: Part Three

La Jeune Politique’s reporter Hugo Argenton sat down for half an hour with Kader Arif, Minister of Veteran Affairs. In the last section of this three-part interview, the Minister discussed the first six months of the Ayrault government and Arif’s own future. LJP: Jean-Marc Ayrault’s government has known difficult beginnings regarding public opinion. Even though […]

Algeria’s Long and Painful Fight for Independence

July 5, 2012. 50 years ago Algeria was winning its independence after a bloody civil war. Today the relations between France and Algeria are still very fragile and difficult as Simon Buisson explained in his article Sunday. Yet, from where do these difficulties stem? Without an explanation about the common past of France and Algeria, […]

What is to Come For the Front de Gauche?

As one of the all-stars of the last presidential election, the Front de Gauche (FG), is now facing the downfall: a deceiving 11% in the first round and even more disappointing scores in the legislative elections, it is only the communist ‘fortresses’ that allow the radical left to hope there will be Front de gauche […]

Dismissal of Paris Chief of Police: A Witch Hunt or Mere Change of Government?

PARIS – Last Tuesday, before taking off to Madrid to meet his Spanish counterpart George Fernandez Diaz, Manuel Valls, the Minister of Interior, notified Michel Gaudin, Paris Chief of Police, of his decision to dismiss him from his station in the Prefecture. Since François Hollande’s election to the Presidency of the French Republic, the retention […]

The First Girlfriend

She is always there in the pictures, shifted lightly. Whether she is just behind the President at the inauguration or with him greeting the French people of Washington before the G8 meeting, Valérie Trierweiler has become a major focus of French media since the election of François Hollande. The French weekly magazine, L’express, devoted last […]