The Paradox in French Student Life: Insecurity in Insurance

On 12 December 2012, a report was published by a group of French senators who, “regularly questioned by families on the malfunctions” of the social security system for students (which provides health insurance, among other things), sought to “suggest emergency measures to simplify a system that suffers from a ludicrous complexity.” Beyond the short-term perspective, the […]

Hollande’s Visit to Mali Seen as Support of Democracy

PARIS. – President Hollande was in Mali for a brief visit on Saturday February 2. Hollande is no stranger to the battlefield – he visited Afghanistan only a few days after his election, though this visit in no way compares. This is not a conflict he inherited, but one that was started during his presidency. […]

Depardieu’s Exit Spotlights French Film Industry Salaries

In the aftermath of French Actor Gérard Depardieu’s very public departure from France —and subsequent bid of “Zdravstvujtye!” to Russian citizenship —Vincent Maraval, founder of French film distribution company Wild Bunch S.A., has entered the controversial dialogue surrounding high-earning individuals facing large tax raises under President François Hollande. Casting light onto the source of French […]

The Values of the Republic, the Rules of the Internet

“Twitter must find ways to ensure that messages sent in our territory, in our language and intended for our citizens do not contain manifest attacks against our fixed principles [sic].” — Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister for Women’s Rights / Government Spokesperson, 28 Dec. 2012, Le Monde French President François Hollande hasn’t tweeted since May 18. Granted, […]

UMP Comes to Agreement Over Leadership

Following November’s election to determine the head of France’s right-of-center political party, the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), candidates Jean-François Copé and François Fillon have finally come to an agreement to resolve the disputed outcome. Copé, currently the mayor of Meaux, France and legislative deputy for the 6th constituency of Seine-et-Marne, won last month’s […]

UMP Divides Along Copé-Fillon Lines as Standstill Continues

The battle for the head of the UMP has been raging on for well over two weeks, but despite attemps at mediation, negotiations have not gotten very far. A new meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled by Jean-François Copé ,who said he was not available. François Fillon’s entourage claims he is actually just trying to play […]

The Issue by Numbers

The Crazy Week of French Politics

Who could have imagined a week like this? Who could have imagined last Sunday how disruptive the week to come would be for all parties in French politics? Indeed, very few could have. Of course, there were some analysts who foresaw the risks at stake with the internal election in the former majority party. Some […]

Raging Battle for UMP Presidency Continues

The fight between the two former candidates for the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) presidency is still raging. Jean-François Copé considers himself to be the winner of the election that took place on Sunday, November 18, but his opponent, François Fillon, still refuses to accept the results. Despite Fillon’s claim that there were massive irregularities […]

Tuareg Rebels Expelled from Northern Mali by MUJAO Islamist Forces

After an increase in skirmishes in recent weeks, Tuesday marks a significant blow for the Tuareg rebels, who were violently pushed out of Menaka, the last base they held in northern Mali, leaving at least 100 soldiers and 12 civilians dead with untold numbers of refugees.  The Movement for the Unity and Jihad in West […]