Google Reaches Advertising Agreement with French Press

After two months of tense negotiations, Google has finally reached an agreement with French press that will allow the French press to access Google’s advertising platforms at a reduced cost. Previously, the French press had been aiming to propose a law that would require search engines to pay royalties every time Google News cited French […]

Legislative By-Elections: A Warning for the PS?

On Sunday December 9, the Parti Socialiste (PS) suffered an alarming defeat in the legislative by-elections. The voters of three constituencies were called again to elect their representatives, 6 months after the general legislatives elections took place. In all the constituencies concerned, the PS is in a jeopardized position. French commentators and politicians could not help using […]

Op-Ed Small Parties: How To Exist Until 2017

Well, the electoral period is over. Now, the political system will shift back to its classic configuration and the fight between the majority and the opposition will replace the ideological debate. Although this change is natural for the two biggest parties (PS and UMP), it is significantly more difficult for the smallest ones. The Front […]

Bright Tomorrow For The Front National

The 2012 harvest was a good one for Extreme-right party the Front National (FN). In April, the first round of the presidential election saw its leader, Marine Le Pen, win the highest percentage ever for the party at 17.90%. And later, in June, the legislative election witnessed the party winning its first two seats in […]

UMP: After the Defeat Comes…

Well, Nicolas Sarkozy lost, and the right-wing force in the National Assembly lost. After the disappointment of his supporters settled, some still found it difficult to understand the fact that they are now the minority, making it clear that the largest consequence of this defeat will be on the Union pour un Movement Populaire (UMP) […]

The ‘Right-Wing Drift’ and an Inside-Look at UMP Campaign Strategies from a Young UMP Supporter

Involved in the political life since 2007 when he joined the UMP, Julien Blanc-Galera decided to involve himself even more in politics since because of the fourth Commission on Communication at the Conseil Régional des Jeunes (CRJ), or the Regional Council for young people. Since then, he has never given up his values and his […]

The Failing Image of the Greens

Earlier this week Daniel Cohn-Bendit castigated his peers, this time criticizing the public image of the Green party’s ruthless ambition, which actually weakened the party during the elections and after. Some members even voted for the Left Front presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, reviving the debate about the Greens’ predicted extinction. In an interview with French […]

It’s Back to the Benches for the New Representatives

On May 26th, the newly elected representatives of the French National Assembly chose their President. For some, this was new and exhilarating, while others made their way back to the benches that had been theirs for years before. After months of intense campaigning, this is an important moment when political forces begin navigating a new […]

Inside the Campaign: Victory and Disenchantment Among the Young Socialists

On June 17th, the Left and its leading party, the Parti Socialiste (PS) won the legislative elections, after a series of electoral victories. This came a little over 1 month after the PS also won the Presidential election on May 6. After this crucial and long political period, which has monopolized the attention of the […]

Update: Small Changes for the Government of Jean Marc Ayrault

As expected after the legislative elections, the Élysée has announced a slight reorganization of the government this week. Four new people were added: Anne Marie Escoffier was named Minister of Decentralization. She was until now a senator belonging to the radical left party in Aveyron, a small rural department. Her nomination allows for the opening […]