France Votes Down Nutella Tax

Nutella has accompanied anything bread since 1963, putting smiles on the faces of French children and adults alike at daily 4 o’clock goûter. “It’s been a routine of mine for as long as I can remember,” reminisces 80-year-old Janine in the Nutella aisle of the Geant supermarket in Annemasse, in northern France. Just as Nutella […]

Exclusive Investigative Report: Reset Mode for Education Reforms under Hollande

Video by Peter Ansell and Nadeem Hakemi When Nicolas Sarkozy left office in June, a torturous cycle dictated French education. As if stuck on repeat, the machine for graduating French high school students spun in a sequence of poor funding, shortage of teachers, large class sizes, strikes, and a drop out rate of 20%. Subsequent […]

“Scooter killer” Continues to Haunt Franco-Israeli Relations

The “scooter killer” whose actions shook France  since Francois Hollande’s election last spring continues to dictate French-Israeli relations, long after his death on March 22 of this year. Franco-Algerian terrorist Mohammed Merah brutally assassinated three children and Rabbi Jonathan Sandler outside the Jewish school Otzar Hatorah in Toulouse, after having killed three soldiers in Montauban. […]

Hollande Urges for “More Teachers, Less Classes”

Cringe-worthy feedback from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) report on education serves as a red-flag for the French, urging them to take action in this sector. For a country boasting the second-highest GDP in Europe, backwardness compared to other EU countries regarding schooling seems uncalled for. There is no doubt that President […]

French Policy on Romani: A Divisive Issue

President Hollande’s government struggles to define immigration laws for Romani people, an ever-persisting issue in France. The topic is clouded by confusion, from the policies to the simplest statistics. Some say 15,000 live in Paris alone. Others tally the French total to 15,000. Owing to their complicated status as nomads, the Romani face difficulty integrating […]

Le Havre Forum’s Positive Outlook on the Economy

Last week’s polls reveal pessimistic reactions to President François Hollande’s economic policies, with 56 % of those interrogated foreseeing no improvement in France’s economy for the next five years. On the 13th and 14th of September, 1000 participants in the “Forum on Positive Economy” gathered at Le Havre, all with a fresh perspective on the […]