A Socialist Vaudeville at La Rochelle

“Courage to Olivier Falorni who has proven himself worthy, who has fought alongside the people of La Rochelle for so many years in a selfless commitment.” It was a simple tweet in support of Ségolène Royal’s opponent, Olivier Falorni, that triggered an uproar in the quiet port of La Rochelle after it was posted Tuesday […]

Holland Announces The Return of Partial Retirement at Age 60

It was a major campaign promise and now is becoming reality: the partial return of retirement at 60 for longer-than-normal careers was announced last week by the Minister of Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine. It should affect more than 20% of retirees, approximately 110,000-120,000 people next year. For several weeks the effects of this sort of […]

Marijuana Continues to be an Embarrassment for the Left

“The objective of the legalization [of marijuana] is twofold. It is to reduce trafficking and violence, and to have a public health policy,” said Housing Minister Cécile Duflot on Tuesday. Questioned at the beginning of the week about the consumption of marijuana, Duflot, in favor of legalization, continued to provoke controversy for the Parti Socialiste […]

The First Girlfriend

She is always there in the pictures, shifted lightly. Whether she is just behind the President at the inauguration or with him greeting the French people of Washington before the G8 meeting, Valérie Trierweiler has become a major focus of French media since the election of François Hollande. The French weekly magazine, L’express, devoted last […]

A New Team of Ministers for France: Young and Fresh

Last Wednesday night Pierre René Lemas, the new French Presidential Secretary General announced one-by-one the names of the 34 new ministers of the first socialist government since 1997. The characteristic that stands out most is the youth of this new cabinet. The average age of the ministers is 52, four years younger than the previous […]