A Deeper Look at the PS Congress

On October 27, at the opening of the congress of the Parti Socialiste (PS) in Toulouse, Martine Aubry stepped down as the First Secretary of the PS. Before leaving the party she said, “ I am proud and happy to have a united socialist party so that our government succeeds.” Harlem Désir succeeded Martine Aubry, […]

Oct 31: Marriage and Adoption for Everybody

During his presidential campaign earlier this year, Francois Hollande outlined his stance on a number of contentious topics, including the legalization of same-sex marriages and adoption. In June, his Socialist Party gained control of the houses of Parliament and began to promote this issue, which they viewed as an essential part of their new domestic […]

Facebook: One More Bullet Dodged?

Nowadays, who hasn’t heard about Facebook? Throughout the years, this social networking site has gained a lot of momentum. First with the movie, The Social Network coming out in 2010 and winning 3 Oscars and 4 Golden Globes, and then with Facebook entering the stock market in May 2012. However, not all has been promising for this […]

iPhone 5: The phone of a Generation

iPhones, iPads, iPods… Apple has become the icon of a generation. Nowadays while walking down the streets of any country you will find at least one person using an iPhone or iPod. This billion-dollar empire has just released the new version of its phone – the iPhone 5.  This new phone includes Retina display, a […]