Three Kurdish Women Killed in Paris, Including Co-Founder of Kurdish Activist Party

PARIS. – Wearing yellow flags, hundreds of Kurds gathered yesterday in Paris. They situated themselves in front of the offices of a Kurdish association, where the bodies of three women had been found Wednesday January 9. The crime presented itself as anything but random – according to a police source, two of the women had […]

UMP Election to Be Held

Tuesday will be the next big test for the UMP, France’s right-wing “Union for a Popular Movement” political party, as constituents are expected to consult with their congressmen about the possibility of holding a second election to determine the head of the party. UMP heavyweights have become involved in negotiations between Copé, the close and […]

UMP Divides Along Copé-Fillon Lines as Standstill Continues

The battle for the head of the UMP has been raging on for well over two weeks, but despite attemps at mediation, negotiations have not gotten very far. A new meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled by Jean-François Copé ,who said he was not available. François Fillon’s entourage claims he is actually just trying to play […]

Sarkozy Appears in Court, Faces Fraud Charges

by Sasha Papazoff While his party is falling apart following an election night disaster and multiple accusations of fraud, Sarkozy is facing his own turmoil and is at risk of bringing the whole UMP down with him. On November 22, the former president was facing the threat of indictment in three different legal cases for […]

Copé Officially Declared Winner … Barely.

UPDATED NOV. 22, 2012 TO REFLECT SITUATIONAL CHANGES:  After temporarely accepting the verdict of the Commission, Fillion then claimed three federations were left out of the recount. He now maintains he would have vote by 26 votes out of over 60 000. The Fillion supporters now plead for a « neutral » and temporary UMP presidency run […]