Survey Results: French Anti-Semitism Sparks Jewish Interest in Emigrating?

Nearly three-quarters of surveyed French Jews last month stated that they are leaning towards emigration. 29.9 percent of this 74.2 percent mentioned a desire to escape anti-Semitism, while another 24.4 percent cited a wish to “preserve their Judaism.” Seven and a half percent cited “economic considerations,” while another 12.4 percent simply felt drawn to other […]

Nantes High School Students Demonstrate Against Sexism

The fight for gender equality took a surprising and touching turn on Friday, May 16 when hundreds of male students from 27 high schools in Nantes, France donned skirts in a show of solidarity for their female counterparts. The movement, entitled “Ce que souleve la jupe” — “What lifts the skirt” — had the support […]

French Surgeons Successfully Install Artificial Heart

Nothing short of a holiday miracle, cardiac surgeons in France have successfully installed an artificial heart into a 75-year-old patient on December 21. The prosthetic organ, designed and engineered by French company Carmat with the help of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), utilizes cardiac tissue from biological sources — such as cows […]

New Eco-tax Results in Protests

Traffic ground to a halt the morning of Saturday, November 16 on several French highways as road-freight organizations protested against the new eco-tax. Over 300 trucks blocked traffic, surrounding the food market giant Rungis just outside Paris. Protest traffic jams also formed south of Lyon, as well as near Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Lille. The protests […]

EU, Canada Reach Trade Agreement

Representatives from the European Union and Canada gathered in Brussels on Friday, October 18 to strike a new free trade agreement with the purpose of increasing employment and economic growth. The new deal is intended to slash red tape, decrease tariffs, and simplify regulations. The agreement will remove roughly 99% of tariffs between the two […]

Sarkozy Cleared of Wrongdoing in Latest Chapter of Bettencourt Saga

Charges against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy connected to his alleged involvement in the Bettencourt scandal have been dropped by a Bourdeaux court. “In deciding to dismiss the case, the court has declared me innocent in the Bettencourt affair,” Sarkozy posted in his official Facebook page early Monday evening. “Two-and-a-half years of investigation. Three judges. […]

Businesses, Employees Protest Sunday Workday Constraints

French employees and retailers are unsettled over recently implemented curtailments on working Sundays. Protestors of the ban state that it “constrain[s] jobs and growth” and has “forced France’s Socialist government to the defensive” in a time of ongoing economic crisis. “I’m outraged by the court decision,” said 24-year-old chiropractic student Eleanor Leloup. “All of a […]

CNiL Plans to Sue Google

Both French and European representatives on the National Commission on Information and Liberties (CNiL) are moving forward with plans to sue Google. The potential suit would concern Google’s failure to alter its newest privacy policy, which was implemented early last year. In January 2012, Google “unified the privacy policies of its services” into a single […]

Debate Over Syrian Intervention Rages On

The international community is waiting to see whether the French government will indeed enact punitive measures against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime. France released intelligence on Monday pointing to chemical weapon usage in Syria, corroborating similar findings by the United States. In response, Assad has warned that any attack on his nation would inevitably add […]

Western Governments Consider Syrian Intervention in Wake of Gas Attacks

While Western nations have been reluctant to commit military forces as the Syrian conflict continues to escalate, recent conversations indicate a potential move towards intervention. Latest calls for a military response come in the wake of alleged chemical attacks in rebel territory within an eastern suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus. Doctors Without Borders and […]