Medically Assisted Procreation Sparks Debate in PS

Marriage is not the only right for which homosexual couples in France are currently fighting. Another controversial issue of the moment is the right to medically assisted procreation – an issue that divides even the Parti Socialiste (PS). The original bill, put forth November 7, addresses marriage for homosexual couples as well as the right to […]

Hollande Honors Fallen Soldier at Alpine Military Base

Saturday morning, President François Hollande visited the Varces military base at the foot of the Alps to speak at the military funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan last Monday, August 6. Major Franck Bouzet, who died during an operation in the Kapisa province of Afghanistan, was the 88th French soldier to lose his life […]

François Hollande Officially Inaugurated; Nominates Ayrault for PM

PARIS – Despite the Paris rain, a large crowd of all ages gathered at Tuileries Palace to hear François Hollande deliver his first speech at the President of France. He chose to focus on education, saying that the public school system is “the spirit of the Republic” and that he wanted to dedicate his first […]