Analysis: François Hollande’s Arab Policy

With the recent revolutionary wave that swept through the entire Arab world, leading to more instability in the world’s most volatile powder keg, the Maghreb and the Middle-East have acquired a central position in the international community’s priorities. Will the “change” promised by President François Hollande apply to his policy regarding this part of the […]

What is to Come For the Front de Gauche?

As one of the all-stars of the last presidential election, the Front de Gauche (FG), is now facing the downfall: a deceiving 11% in the first round and even more disappointing scores in the legislative elections, it is only the communist ‘fortresses’ that allow the radical left to hope there will be Front de gauche […]

Opinion: Are French Politics Becoming Too Dirty?

The French political landscape has become soiled over the past few months as insults, lies and low blows flood the presidential and legislative campaigns. The most striking example may be the recent confrontation between Jean Luc Melenchon and Marine Le Pen. While Melenchon deemed Marine Le Pen to be a “semi-demented” person on national television, […]