Greece on Brink of Default

Whether or not Greece will be able to remain in the Euro Zone has been discussed for some time, but for American companies that have business in the unstable country, things are looking very precarious. In an August 23 meeting between Angela Merkel, François Hollande, and Antonis Samaras, the Greek Prime Minister, Merkel made it very […]

Why Amiens Turned Violent

The violence that erupted in the northern French city of Amiens the night of August 13th has brought France and the rest of the world into a state of shock. While violence this extreme is rare, the events are not random but the result of a long struggle in the northern part of the city […]

French Court Rules New EU Budgetary Pact Constitutional

The Paris Constitutional Council ruled Thursday night that the new European Union fiscal treaty does not require a constitutional amendment. This puts the EU one step closer to adopting the budgetary pact. 25 countries signed the treaty in early March, including all 17 Euro Zone countries, and the new laws subject member states to stricter […]

United States Criticizes France over Religious Tolerance

On Monday July 30 the United States State Department released a report on international religious freedom stating that France and Belgium had recently instituted laws about dress that “adversely affected Muslims.” France was included in the more general statement made by the report that there has been a recent rise in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in […]

France Debates New Law Taxing Cigarette Profits

The right to smoke despite significant proven health risks has been a long-standing three-way battle between cigarette companies, governments, and smokers themselves. It is not always clear where to place the responsibility for the 5.4 million people who die worldwide each year from tobacco-related illnesses. In France, tobacco-use is responsible for 60,000 deaths each year. […]

French Start-Up Sparrow acquired by Google

Regardless of age or profession, we are on our email all the time. When you purchase an Apple product, it comes with Mail, a simply titled application that acts as an email manager, located on your own device as opposed to on the Internet. In October 2010, a small French team launched Sparrow, an alternative […]