Auditors to Hollande: Budget Cuts Can Not Wait

In a sobering audit report from accounting watchdog group Cour des Comptes released Monday, President Francois Hollande was given a stern warning: cut the state budget by $54 billion, or face failing to meet deficit targets. The French government must plug a hole of between €6 billion and €10 billion ($7.6 billion and $12.59 billion) […]

Legislative Elections 2012: The First Tour Live Blog

UPDATED – Live Blog is in full effect. Follow our updates below as the results are released. LIVE BLOG 7:25pm: The first projections obtained by exit pollsters give the right (UMP and allies) between 34 and 35%, Parti Socialiste and its allies between 31 and 32%, Front National (far right) around 14%, Front de Gauche (far left), between 7 […]

Political Action Committee Calls For More Diversity in National Assembly

While the issue of gender equality in politics has been the focus of many initiatives in the last 30 years, other diversity issues, such as race, have made slower progress in the complicated political history of diversity in France. In a speech to the Political Action Group for Blacks in France (Les Noirs de France […]

President Hollande Delayed by Lightning Strike

PARIS – President Hollande was forced to turn back en route to Berlin due to a lightning strike on the Presidential plane. Despite rain and bad weather overshadowing his own inauguration and first official speech earlier today, Hollande hoped to begin his first 100 days with a diplomatic mission to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel. […]

2012’s Vote by District: A Preview of the Legislative Elections?

France’s legislative elections commence four weeks from today (June 10th – 17th), and in a breakdown by Le Monde, if the 577 electoral districts of the central state and its overseas territories vote similarly to their presidential voting record, the left, lead by President-Elect François Hollande’s Parti Socialiste (PS) will easily secure the 3/5ths majority necessary for […]

Metropolitan Triumph for the Left

As the final results of Sunday’s election have been confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior, analysts have been interested in comparing the general transition of both major metropoles and less populated regions of France towards the left with their previous voting records. As seen in the map above, traditional strong-holds of the right like the Alsace-Lorraine […]

Sarkozy’s Future: “A Frenchman in France”

PARIS – Before his humbled and disappointed constituents Sunday evening at the Palace Elysée, Nicolas Sarkozy made clear that his time as a political candidate was over. While he did not explicitly resign from politics altogether in his concession speech, he declared that “Another time begins. In this new era, I will remain one of […]

François Hollande: 51.70%

PARIS – After one of the most heated and aggressive elections in recent history, Parti Socialiste candidate François Hollande has won back the Presidency for the left. Hollande will be the first left-wing president since 1995. The final results as reported by the Ministry of the Interior report 51.70% for Hollande, and 48.30% for Nicolas […]

Candidates and Public Head to the Polls

UPDATED, PARIS – As of 5pm local time, the current participation rate is 71.96%, as reported by Le Monde.  After polls opened at 8am Sunday morning, the Ministry of the Interior reports that within the first four hours 30.66% of the population had voted in the 2nd tour of the election, an increase from the […]