Cashtray: Electronic Cigarettes Take Off in France

It has become expensive to buy cigarettes in France. Now, a new market for electronic cigarettes is taking off. PARIS. – It’s a rainy French afternoon. Imagine a woman, legs crossed and cigarette lit. Dressed in black, she is a classic example of Parisian charm as she elegantly ashes into the tray next to her café crème. But […]

VIDEO: The French Far-Left Unites Against Austerity in Paris. Exclusive Interview with Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Our reporters Nadeem Hakemi and Peter Ansell went to a Front de Gauche rally on Saturday, November 16. Please find the report down below:   For an extended version of the Mélenchon report, see the link below.

Obama: Undying Love, Just Not at Home

Most French people in Paris are still enthusiastic about Barack Obama. Less can be said for Americans themselves. ONE week ago, the French held their breath. Most people in Paris knew Mitt Romney. They just did not understand him. Marie, a mother of three who spent 15 years as a psychologist in San Francisco and […]

A Bigger Gap to Mind

Two weeks ago, a video of a confrontation between a manager at Orange and a train attendant made headlines in France. The French are growing tired of a government unable to deal with a slow economy. In Paris, they are also growing tired of each other. Using Paris’ Metro between 5 pm and 7 pm […]