Chief Rabbi of France Resigns after Admitting to Plagiarism, Falsifications

On Tuesday, April 9, the former Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, publicly confessed to multiple instances of plagiarism and deceit over credentials. The sixty-year-old rabbi had been a strong moral voice in the French Jewish community and wrote several works on religious and societal issues. He has resigned his post as Chief Rabbi, and […]

France Sells Shares of Safran, Further Sales on the Horizon

Last week, the French state sold a portion of its shares in the aeronautic equipment manufacturer Safran. In light of the successful transaction, Minister of Industrial Renewal Arnaud Montebourg announced on Friday, April 5 that this type of operation might be repeated. The French government has begun undertaking such selloffs in an effort to pay […]

Who Knew? – More People Found to be in the Know about Cahuzac’s Foreign Bank Accounts

Philippe Pénique, a former lawyer, assured the press on April 4, 2013 that he had absolutely no knowledge that Cahuzac opened an account at UBS in 1992. Pénique, who actually opened the account for Cahuzac and is close to the President of the National Front (a nationalistic political party), now finds himself in the heart […]

Guérini Indicted for Third Time in Two Years

Jean-Noël Guérini, president of the Partie Socialiste (PS) in the general council of Bouches-du-Rhône, is being held in custody during the current police investigation in the case of fraudulent procurement of public funds. Guérini will be investigated again after he is released from custody. The case was heard by judge Duchaine, who asked for a […]

Proposed Defense Cuts in France Raise Concern

French officials are doing everything they can to improve France’s financial situation. The latest proposed budget cuts affect the French military, an idea with which many in France are naturally displeased. Many French troops serving in the French military intervention in Mali are hoping that when they return, they will have the opportunity to be […]

Mali Neverending: French Hostage Believed to be Executed by Al Qaeda

Families of French citizens held hostage in Africa are continuing to try to get as much information they can regarding the state of their loved ones. “No one tells us anything, [not] the French side, no one says anything, the jihadists do not speak anymore, that’s to say that we are totally in the dark, […]

Honorable or Guilty? – Jérôme Cahuzac Quits Office

On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, Jérôme Cahuzac, the French Minister of the Budget, who has previously been accused of holding illegal bank accounts in Switzerland, quit. His departure from the government came at a chaotic time and has left officials scrambling. The French government had just begun meeting with other ministers to determine what cuts […]

Electronic Cigarette Popularity Raises Controversy in France

In May 2011, the previous French Agency for Safety of Health Products (ANSM) recommended that the public stay away from the newly popular electronic cigarettes. Pharmacies had not officially secured the right to sell them, and the electronic cigarette was only available through some special businesses and online. That is not enough to dissuade many […]

Friendly Competition or Bitter Rivalry? European Union attacks Microsoft for “playing dirty”

On Wednesday, March 6, Joaquin Almunia struck a serious blow against computer behemoth Microsoft in Brussels. Almunia is the European Commissioner for Competition and has fined the company 561 million euros for not upholding certain responsibilities that were promised at the end of 2009. At the time, the company had just eluded prosecution with regard […]

A Blank Check for Violence? French Senate Votes on Social Amnesty Bill

Last week, the French Senate adopted a proposition for a new law that would grant amnesty towards those who committed crimes during social movements. This text, which will need to be examined by the National Assembly, is sharply critiqued by employers and opposing political parties, who see it as a blank check for violence. The […]