Group of Extreme-Right Activists Occupies Mosque in Poitiers

On Saturday the October 20, 70 people from all over France and belonging to Génération Identitaire (GI), an extreme-right youth movement, took control of an under-construction mosque in the French city of Poitiers. They put out a banner with their group’s name on the roof to advertise, according to one of the militants. The group’s […]

New French Naturalization Rules

On Thursday October 18th, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced that he sent a document to the prefects, which altered naturalization conditions. Namely, Valls removed the multiple-choice questions (QCM) about French culture and history, as well as the obligation to have signed a contract of indeterminate length (CDI). He presented this reform four months ago, […]

Recent Petition Brings Back Memories of Teenagers Killed in 2005

In 2005, the death of two teenagers in Clichy-sous-bois lead to an insurrection that lasted three weeks and forced Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister at the time, to declare a state of emergency. The story began on October 27th, when Zyed Benna, Bouna Traoré, and their friends were going home after playing soccer. The social situation was […]

Corruption Discovered in Marseille Anti-Crime Brigade

On October 2nd, seven policemen in the Marseille anti-crime brigade (BAC) were arrested and five others were placed under judicial control because of the suspicion of involvement with stolen money and drug dealers. Manuel Valls, Interior Minister, announced that he suspended them from their functions and that the North BAC day team, to which the […]

CRIIGEN Publishes Results of Study on Genetically Modified Corn

On September 18, the CRIIGEN, a genetics research committee, published the results of an alarming study in an American newspaper “Food and Chemical Toxicology.” The study proved that feeding rats genetically modified (GM) corn over a two-year period yielded a frighteningly high death rate for the subjects. It is the first study carried out longer […]

France Lowers Retirement Age

In 2010, former President Nicolas Sarkozy raised the retirement age from 60 to 62. During his campaign, President François Hollande promised to lower the age back to 60, beginning with the people who have jobs considered to be difficult and who began to work early in their lives, and then to lower the age for […]

France Debates New School Calendar

As soon as he assumed his position as Minister of Education in May, Vincent Peillon talked about a reform of the school calendar, asserting that “a four day week, very long holidays, overcrowded days, this is not good for anyone.” His concern comes from a report published in July 2011 and led by Luc Chatel, […]

Hollande Proposes Nationwide Rent Freeze

One of the numerous promises of François Hollande’s presidential campaign was to freeze rent prices which were considered excessive. Many voters were personally invested in the promise: the price of the rent is one of the major difficulties facing the French middle class. On the 4th of July, the media released Hollande’s proposition, drawn up […]

Mobile Company Orange Breaks Down Leaving Many Without Service

For 12 hours on Friday, clients of the French mobile company, Orange, were left without means of communication. This means that more than 27 million people were unable to call or connect to a cell phone network, creating serious issues for individuals to businesses. On a huge day for holiday travel and also when many […]

“Pantouflage” Becomes a Dialogue Across Political Parties

“Pantouflage” is the word used to describe when a former senior civil servant moves into the private sector. This phenomenon raises ethical problems since the private and public spheres are becoming more and more mixed. In fact, many people who are doing this still have influence in politics, making it tempting to use government policy […]