UPDATE: French Court Lifts Mercedes Ban

The highest court in France has lifted the controversial ban on the sale of Mercedes cars that used an air-conditioning coolant deemed harmful under EU legislation. The ruling was announced on Tuesday, and gave the French government two days to allow entry of the previously banned cars. The France Conseil d’État (Council of State) released […]

France Leads European Union in Condemnation of Violence in Egypt

Recent events in Egypt have provoked a torrent of condemnation from the European Union, particularly in France, as President François Hollande warns of an impending “civil war.” Officials in Paris have also indicated that they are  contemplating evacuating tourists and Berlin has cut all aid to the divided country. Paris intensified its efforts to avoid […]

EADS to Become Airbus Group

The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, the global leader in aerospace defense and related services, will now be hailed as the Airbus Group. The parent group of airplane manufacturer Airbus will utilize the ‘Airbus’ brand, as it divides the newly formed group into three divisions – commercial aircraft, defense and space, and helicopters. In […]

French, American Ad Giants to Merge

The merger of French and American agencies Publicis Groupe and Omnicom Group will create the largest advertising firm in the world, with a combined 35.6% of market share. The move, confirmed on Sunday but long rumored, represents an enormous change in the marketing business, and has provoked intense reactions from all areas of the industry, […]

French Government ordered by court to rethink ban on Mercedes-Benz vehicles

The manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars has found itself in the middle of a legal battle with the French government after the environmental ministry stopped registering cars whose air-conditioning coolant does not comply with the European Union’s regulations. The scandal erupted when Daimler, the owner of Mercedes-Benz, became the third German firm to reject the refrigerant called HFO-1234yf, a […]

Marine Le Pen Accused of Conflict of Interests in European Parliament

The leader of the far-right group Front National (FN) has become embroiled in a scandal over the hiring of her boyfriend as an assistant in the European Parliament. Louis Aliot, the deputy leader of the FN and long-time boyfriend of Marine Le Pen, is thought to have received 5,000 Euros a month from the European […]

France’s Main Union of Employers Selects New Leader

The organization ‘Movement des Enterprises de France’ (MEDEF), France’s largest representative of employers, elected a new President on July 3. Pierre Gattaz, the new leader, is the 53-year-old CEO of hundred million dollar revenue company Radial, an electronic component manufacturer, and was elected with 95 % of the vote. Gattaz replaces Laurence Parisot at the […]

Ayrault Calls for Ban of Far Right Group after Death of Activist

Following the recent death of Far-Left activist Clement Medic, prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has called for the militant Far-Right group “The Revolutionary Nationalist Youths” to be banned. The 19 year old died as a result of violence at a anti-gay marriage rally on Wednesday, June 5. “The Revolutionary Nationalist Youths” is said to be the […]

Two French Journalists Reported Missing in Syria

French radio station, Europe 1, revealed on Friday that two journalists are currently missing in Syria. Reporter Didier François and photographer Edouard Elias were reportedly on their way to Aleppo from Turkey, when the radio station last heard from them. In a press release on its website, Europe 1 said it was in “constant contact […]

France’s First Couple Married Despite Heightened Security

A significant milestone was reached last Wednesday, May 29, as Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau became the first gay couple to formally wed, under France’s recently passed gay marriage law. The law, which had been passed ten days before the wedding, had proven highly controversial, sparking violent protests from the far-right and religious groups. The […]