French Egg Farmers Protest Drop in Prices, Government Inaction

When faced with falling produce prices, silence was not an option for French farmers. Last week, French egg producers smashed thousands of eggs on the streets in response to a lowering of egg prices. This year, their eggs are worth only 70 euro cents (94 US cents) per kilogram, down from 1.10 euros in 2012. […]

New Military Bill Envisions “compact” yet “powerful” Armed Forces

Even in the face of continued economic stagnation, France will remain steady with the budget for the military. Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Defense Minister, presented the military bill on Friday in a French cabinet meeting, which will cover 2014 through 2019. The extensive bill was marked with six primary priorities, which reflect the country’s […]

Millions Stolen in Jewelry Heists in Cannes

Luxury jewelers considering exhibitions in Cannes may have another thing coming. A series of jewelry heists has beleaguered the resort town on the French Riviera. The most recent occurrence was a theft in a Kronometry luxury watch store on Wednesday. The theft is notable for its prominent location, the luxury store is situated opposite the […]

Lyon Boasts New Metropolis Status

On Friday afternoon, members of the Assemblé Nationale (National Assembly) voted on the project to designate Lyon as a metropolis. The project will combine greater Lyon with the city proper as well as a large area of the Rhone region. The resulting merge will grant Lyon a budget of about 3 billion euros to fund […]

Debate Surrounds Bretigny Train Crash

Authorities are probing into the deadly train crash that occurred on Friday at Bretigny-sur-Orges, just south of Paris. The SNCF train had been heading toward Limoges when it derailed and crashed into the station platform. Six people died, and nearly 200 were injured in the accident. A total of 385 passengers were aboard. The crash […]

Hollande Backs Niger in Hostage Raid Friday

On Friday May 24, 2013, French Special Forces aided Nigerien troops in an operation that raided an army base in northern Niger. The collaborative effort ended a hostage situation following an attack on the army base by extremists on Thursday. Two Nigerien cadets were taken hostage within the base. The aggressors had barricaded themselves in […]

Extreme Far-Right Historian Commits Suicide in Notre Dame

In an act of political protest, extreme far-right historian, Dominique Venner, committed suicide in front of the altar in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday. He left a letter explaining his motives on the altar and shot himself through the mouth while regular tours were taking place. Police quickly evacuated the cathedral, as an […]

Riots Mar PSG Win in Paris

Riots cut celebrations short for Paris Saint-Germain fans on Monday for the club’s first French league title in 19 years. Fans had been waiting at Place du Trocadéro, where the victorious team was due to display their trophy and greet supporters. Once the players arrived on the podium, however, the crowd surged forward, prompting security […]

Fillon Announces Candidacy for Next Presidential Election

Former French Prime Minister François Fillon has declared that he will be a candidate in the next presidential election. He stated his intention to run in an informal interview after receiving an honor in Tokyo. Though the presidential race is still four years away, Fillon declared that he would run “no matter what.” While he […]

Hollande to Launch Ten-Year Investment Plan to Boost Economy

French President Francois Hollande has announced a ten-year investment plan as part of an effort to breathe life into France’s to ailing economy. The main beneficiaries of the 20 billion euro ($26 billion) plan will be the infrastructure, clean energy, health, and healthcare technology sectors. In the announcement, Hollande reiterated the three main priorities for the upcoming […]