Diane-35: The “Fake” Birth Control Pill

Wednesday January 30, the National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) announced the suspension of the acne-treatment pill Diane-35 beginning in three months. As a result of France’s decision to suspend the medication, on Thursday January 31, the European Medical Agency (EMA), based in London, announced that they would be conducting a reexamination […]

A Europe without the UK? Cameron Sparks EU debate

On Wednesday, January 23, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative party, announced his pledge to a referendum by the end of 2017 on Britain leaving the EU. Cameron explained that “we will give the British people a referendum with a very simple IN or OUT choice […] […]

UN Supports France in Mali As More Civilians Pushed from Country

On Monday January 14, the United Nations Security Council discussed France’s intervention in Mali – also known as Operation “Serval” – after which the French Ambassador to the UN, Gérard Araud, declared, “The nation’s partners express a thorough understanding and firm support of their intervention in Mali.” Araud confirms, “all of our partners have recognized […]

75% Tax Rejected by Constitutional Council

On December 29, the constitutional council came to a decision on how the 2013 fiscal budget conforms to the Constitution. In this decision, they rejected the controversial 75% tax on salaried income exceeding 1 million euros. They pronounced that it “violates the principle of equality.” This tax, called “an exceptional contribution of solidarity,” and presented […]

Gay Muslims Allowed in Mosques While Gay Marriage Protest Builds

On Friday November 30, in the outskirts of Paris, a prayer for gay Muslims was held. However it was not held in an actual mosque, but in a Buddhist monk’s home. Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, the founder of the project that organized the prayer, transformed a 10-square-meter room into a mosque for the day. This became […]

An International Thanksgiving

As an exchange student at Columbia University from London, French at heart and Danish-Iranian by blood, my Thanksgiving in the United States of America, a country with a culture considered by some to be the polar opposite of European ways, is a unique one. Living in Columbia’s Wien Hall, known a few decades ago as […]

March 19 Declared French “National Remembrance Day” for Algerian War

On Thursday November 8, the French Parliament finally ratified the Socialist regulation proposal that establishes March 19, the day of the ceasefire of the Algerian war in 1962, as a “national remembrance day,” mourning the victims of the Algerian war. The Senate approved the bill with 181 votes in favor of the proposal and 153 […]

Hollande’s Reaction to Paris 1961 Massacre

This Wednesday, October 17th, the French President, Francois Hollande declared that the French Republic “clearly acknowledges the blood-ridden” repression of the Algerian protest in Paris on October 17th 1961. Mr. Hollande asserts that, “ On October 17th 1961, Algerians who were protesting for their right of independence, were killed in a brutal repression… Fifty-one years […]

Still Declining Approval Rating for Hollande and Ayrault

On October 7th, Le Metro, a popular daily newspaper, reported Francois Hollande’s public approval rating at 42% of which 49% actually claim they are displeased by the president of the French Republic. His prime minister, Marc Ayrault, even more unpopular, was given an approval rating of only 40%, and 45% are discontent with him. These […]