EADS and BAE: A Fusion Endangered by French Policy?

EADS – Europe’s biggest civil aerospace manufacturer – and BAE – a British weapons manufacturer – are negotiating a €38 billion merger deal to compete with American company Boeing and create a leading company in aerospace and defence. EADS is the parent company to Airbus. The French are unwilling to lower their stake in the […]

The European Budgetary Pact: What does the French Ratification Bill Propose?

On September 19, the French Council of Ministers examined the European Budgetary Pact Ratification Bill, which the French Parliament will discuss  around October 2. Against the backdrop of the Euro crisis, the European Budgetary Pact (formally known as the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance or TSCG) has sparked a lively political debate, as it […]

News Analysis: Why the FN is Gaining Power

With 6.5 million votes during the Presidential Elections for the Front National (FN), this extreme-right party’s success certainly came as a surprise for many. Much ink has been used trying to explain the renewed public infatuation for this dark horse. Here is a summary of the main theses. The most straight-forward explanation is that  more […]

Commission on Moralization and Renewal of Political Life: What is it and Who is on it?

On Saturday, July 14th, François Hollande announced the creation of a Commission on Moralization and Renewal of Political Life, which will be presided by Lionel Jospin. “I will propose a commission in a very short time which will be presided by a man with uncontested integrity,” said the President of the Republic. Lionel Jospin was […]

Reform of the Academic Rhythm : The Hidden Interests

Vincent Peillon, Minister of Education, announced last week reforms tothe academic calendar and weekly structure. The pupils’ parents seemed to have largely supported the spirit of the project, but the students themselves are not always the center of the debate. Who is lobbying behind the proposal? Vincent Peillon first proposed to shorten the school day […]

The Insecticide, Cruiser OSR, Banned in France

The government announced last week a ban on the Cruiser OSR due to the harmful impact of pesticides on bees. Consciously choosing to put environmental interests first, the government did not listen to the manufacturer’s argument that the ban will cost an estimated cost of 72 million euros for the seed industry. At the beginning […]

The Post HADOPI Era: François Hollande’s Position on Digital Issues

François Hollande is planning to reform one of the most criticized aspects of Internet regulation: the HADOPI law. The Parti Socialiste (PS) proposal has been highly anticipated by both the media industry and consumers. He does not want to repeal the notorious law, but instead to extend what has been called “the French cultural exception.” […]

The FN: An Ideological Renewal?

With 17.9% in the first round of presidential elections – and an 80% national participation rate- the question of the Front National’s (FN) profound values is more relevant than ever. Marine Le Pen led her campaign with the intention of ridding the party of its extremely negative reputation. But even if the form of the […]

The Failing Image of the Greens

Earlier this week Daniel Cohn-Bendit castigated his peers, this time criticizing the public image of the Green party’s ruthless ambition, which actually weakened the party during the elections and after. Some members even voted for the Left Front presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, reviving the debate about the Greens’ predicted extinction. In an interview with French […]