PRISM : View from France of the Intelligence Scandal

At the beginning of June the Guardian and the Washington Post revealed the existence of two secret programs run by the National Security Agency (NSA). The first program has been collecting telephone data from the telecom provider Verizon since 2006. The second, called PRISM, captures social network communications, but only of users located outside the […]

22 Billion Euros in Debt But No Purchaser for Virgin Megastore

960 employees of the entertainment retail chain may face unemployment as the Commercial Court of Paris rejected new offers made to take over the French branch of Virgin Megastore. The brand was originally created by British tycoon Sir Richard Branson in 1970 as a record label, before the first French store opened on the Champs […]

What We Missed in May

President of the UMP Ends Functions as Lawyer (April 22) Jean François Copé – president of the UMP – announced he will cease his lawyer activities to be able to fully focus on his political group and his country. Copé left his job with the international law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel in 2010, but had until […]

What We Missed in April

Femen attempted action in front of the Tunisian Ambassy (April 4) Fifteen women from the feminist group Femen were arrested in front of the Tunisian embassy in Paris demonstrating support for Amina Tyler. The Tunisian woman fled from her family due to threats of stoning, following the publication of pictures exposing her topless. Three other […]

Going Green: France

After the catastrophic consequences of Hurricane Sandy in October, the US and the world at large had to question themselves about climate change, the human involvement in it, and what is done at a political level to improve the situation and respond to public concerns. Different studies have been conducted in France about this issue. […]

French state claims €1 billion in taxes from Google

While the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, and the executive chairman of Google debated over the creation of a “Google tax”, the French direction générale des Impôts(the nation’s central governmental tax agency) sent a registered letter to Google last week asking for €1 billion in back taxes over its profits for the last four […]

Fillon and Copé : A Politically Correct Debate

The broadcast debate organized last Thursday October 25 between former Prime Minister François Fillon, and the Secretary General of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP), Jean-François Copé did not round up a large audience (2.3 million people watched.) Even though 65% of the UMP activists hoped it would help them to make a choice […]

Outcome of Brussels Budget Summit: Everybody Wins

In anticipation of future discussions, Europeans states reached a compromise last Thursday night in Brussels about the concept of a Banking Union, despite disagreements between France and Germany. It was decided that a Banking Union would be created for the 6,000 Europeans banks before 2014. Ultimately the European Central Bank (ECB) would leave the day-to-day […]

Brussels European Summit: France and Germany Divided

French and German governments have expressed their disagreement this week as members of the Euro Zone meet to discuss the project of a European Banking Union at the European summit, taking place October 18th and 19th. Angela Merkel said she was in favor of a step-by-step integration, whereas her French colleague said he wanted to […]

The World’s Largest Aerospace and Defense Group : Next Time ….

Boeing no longer has to worry, the project of EADS and BAE to merge into the largest  aerospace and defense group to date was aborted last Wednesday. The companies did not press the British Takeover Panel — in charge of the regulation and supervision of takeovers — on their desire to prorogue the deadline fixed by […]