Hollande Holds First Press Conference Since Election

PARIS – On November 13, President François Hollande held his first press conference since his election at Palais de L’Elysee. For almost two and a half hours, he relentlessly justified his actions in the last six months. Despite the fact that critics are multiplying, Hollande continues to deny any shift in policy. On the international […]

The Intriguing Mr. Valls

Watched closely by the media, endorsed by the right, and cautiously observed by the left, Interior Minister Manuel Valls is an intriguing figure. While the President and Prime Minister decline in popularity, Valls remains the most appreciated French Socialist minister out there. During the summer session at La Rochelle University, he was applauded, despite being […]

Bernard Arnault Seeks to Become Dual French-Belgian Citizen

The Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique revealed information the morning of Saturday September 8 that shocked the French public. Bernard Arnault has applied to be naturalized as a Belgian citizen through the Commission of Naturalizations of the Belgian House of Representatives. In order to be accepted, the candidate must provide proof of “real ties” to […]

Socialist Party to Choose New Leader

The question of who will succeed Martine Aubry as the leader of the Parti Socialiste (PS) is the one that is currently occupying all of its members. Aubry, the current First Secretary of the party, announced at the summer forum in La Rochelle that she would not apply for a second term. So far, two candidates are favored: Harlem […]