VIDEO: La Fête de la Musique

Video: Interview with Le Disco Mojo Club about la Fête de la Musique What better way to celebrate the coming of summer on the 21st of June than a music festival? Just over a month ago, as always on the first day of summer, the streets of all the towns in France were full of musical groups, […]

At G8 Summit, Agreement Reached on Tax Fraud while Divisions Remain over Syria

   On June 17 and 18, the leaders of the G8 nations gathered in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland for their annual summit. At the top of the agenda: tax fraud and the Syrian crisis. In an effort to address tax fraud across the world, G8 members had asked the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development […]

European Union Announces New Taxes on Chinese Solar Panels

On Tuesday, June 4 the European Commissioner, Karel de Gucht, announced that the European Union would implement higher taxes on Chinese solar panels. Beginning on June 6, these taxes will reach 11.6%, and if no compromise can be made between the European and Chinese authorities within two months, the rate will be nearly five times […]

What the Ipsos Survey Does Not Say

Back in February, Science Po’s Political Studies Center and the Jean Jaurès Foundation presented a new Ipsos study for Le Monde called “France 2013: new divisions.” The survey polled 1016 people above the age of 18, attempting to gauge French approval regarding their own society and government. But behind the numerous questions and survey-tailored wording, […]

Sarkozy Keeps Return to Politics as Option

Ten months after his decision not to involve himself  in French politics anymore, former president Nicolas Sarkozy announced that his return in politics could in fact be a possibility. This announcement happened at the same time former Prime Minister François Fillon announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential UMP primary. However, Sarkozy presented his decision a […]

What remains of our “Douce France?”: Ipsos Survey Reveals Divisions, Concerns

The new Ipsos survey for Le Monde, “France 2013: les nouvelles fractures,” undertaken by Science Po’s Political Studies Center and the Jean Jaurès Foundation, enunciates the various contradictions and concerns that characterize French public opinion. The survey makes use of the quotas method, and has been answered online by a sample of 1016 individuals, aged […]

Anticapitalist Party Holds Congress in Attempt to Restore Image

The Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) was created in 2009, two years after the 2007 presidential election. At this time, Olivier Besancenot, current leader of the NPA, was the candidate of the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR) and won 4% of the vote. The NPA was created by forming an alliance between the LCR and various other […]

Hollande Takes Giant Step in French-Algerian Relations

At the top of President François Hollande’s agenda during his visit to Algeria: how to deal with the shared history of France and Algeria during colonization? Unlike his predecessors, who failed to overcome this troubled period of Franco-Algerian relations, Hollande officially recognized the “suffering” inflicted on the Algerians during colonization in his speech in front […]

Critiques and Solutions According to the Anti-Capitalists

PARIS. –Thursday October 25 marked the first meeting of the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA). After opening remarks, Olivier Besancenot – former presidential candidate in the 2002 and 2007 elections and spokesperson of the party – gave a speech outlining his views on the European crisis. According to Besancenot, the growing social discontent and concrete concerns of the […]

France Anti-Capitalist Party Holds Gathering

PARIS. –They were all here: Olivier Besancenot, Christine Poupin, and Philippe Poutou, as well as some special guests, assembled for the first meeting of their party the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) since President François Hollande’s election. The motto was “From the right-wing to the left one, we fight austerity!” Among the main speakers were Guillaume, a railway […]