Paris to Host Climate Change Conference in 2015

Following last month’s climate change conference in Warsaw, Paris has been chosen to be the host of the 2015 conference. This will mark France’s first time hosting the conference in its 15 year history. The Kyoto Protocol expired in 2012, creating the need for a new international agreement on the fight against climate change by […]

Bonnets Rouges Fight Against Unpopular Eco-tax

A movement calling itself the bonnets rouges (red caps) has emerged in France in the last month, in response to the impending establishment of the eco-tax. The group’s name refers to a very well known a revolt in Brittany – and symbol of the fight against taxes and for social equality – during the reign […]

Ayrault’s Massive Aid Plan for the City of Marseille

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced on Friday, November 8 an improvement plan for the southern city of Marseille, the second-largest city in France. The goal is to bring the city closer together by opening it up, linking neighborhoods, and making the city more accessible to everyone. The main focus of the plan is to support […]

The Eco-tax: What is it and why is it so unpopular?

In recent weeks, violent protests over the impending eco-tax have taken place throughout France. Riot police clashed with protestors, some even firing teargas in an effort to control the crowd. What is this tax and why is it causing such a large outcry from the French population? On October 21, 2008, an important piece of […]

Will the Ban on Sunday Work Come to an End?

The taboo subject of the Sunday workday in France may soon be addressed. Jean-Paul Bailly, former CEO of La Poste, was given the responsibility of drawing up a report to be presented at the end of this month. Six years ago, Bailly wrote a report on the “mutations of society and Sunday activities”, in which […]

Copé Proposes Revision of Immigration Policy

The Leonarda affair, the deportation of a fifteen-year-old Romani girl to Kosovo because her family was living illegally in France for nearly five years, has sparked a debate and call for revision of France’s immigration policy, specifically concerning the acquiring of citizenship by children of foreign-born parents. France’s current policy of droit du sol, or […]

Titan International Looks to Rescue Amiens Goodyear Plant

Earlier this week, Titan International made an offer of partial reestablishment of the Goodyear site in Amiens Nord. The plan would revive agricultural tire production, bringing 333 employees back to work for the next year. Belonging to Goodyear France, a subsidiary of U.S. firm Goodyear, this site was condemned to close in January following five […]

Minor Retirement Reform Raises Long-Term Questions

On October 15, a retirement reform measure passed in the House by a slim majority, 170 votes to 149. Two political parties, the Front de Gauche (FG) and Europe Écologie – Les Verts (EELV), along with 17 Parti Socialiste (PS) members, abstained. The bill must still pass through the Senate before becoming a law, but […]

France Sending Troops to Central African Republic

Earlier this week, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced a plan to act in the Central African Republic, increasing French troops stationed in the capital city of Bangui. From now until the end of the year, up to 800 reinforcements will join the 410 French soldiers already stationed at the Bangui airport. Fabius, the Minister […]