Downgrade Sparks Criticism from Government and Rating Agency

On November 8, for the second time in less than two years, Standard & Poor’s downgraded France’s sovereign debt rating to “AA with a stable outlook,” according to the agency’s report. France’s rating was last downgraded in January of 2012 from AAA to AA+, when Nicolas Sarkozy was still leading the country. The rating agency’s […]

America’s “Patent Trolls” on the Move to Europe?

For today’s largest companies, especially those in the technology sector, patent wars are an increasingly prevalent and expensive reality. Many patent wars last many years and have an effect that has consequences across continents. Recently, patents have composed a major topic of discussion, as the European Parliament’s decision to propose a unified patent court system […]

Hollande’s Government Cautiously Moves Towards Pension Reform

In a televised presentation aired August 27, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced the planned reform of the pension system. However as much as European officials and others in France have called for structural reform of the system, the consensus is that the socialist government’s reform is cautious. Because a system of social protections is […]

Valls Divides Parti socialiste on Immigration Policy, Islam

Minster of the Interior Manuel Valls made headlines upon his return from summer break this week as he questioned France’s immigration policy at President François Hollande’s seminar “France in 2025.”  In addition to questioning France’s family reunification policy, his commentary on Islam also made waves, and was a source of conflict amongst members of his […]

French Government Gets Back to Work with France in 2025 in Mind

On Monday August 19 French President François Hollande welcomed back ministers to the Elysée to debate France’s role in the world with a long-term mindset in a seminar titled “France in 2025.”  Not much of the leadership managed to get away during the two weeks’ recess this month, as Hollande sent a message that his […]

LinkedIn Deletes Ads Featuring Women and Engages in Sexism Debate

Toptal, a start-up based in Palo Alto, California, accused professional network giant LinkedIn of “extreme sexism within the tech community.” LinkedIn disabled ads featuring female engineers and later deleted Toptal’s account. The chain of events began in late July when Toptal’s chief operating officer discovered many of its female developer ads were blocked on LinkedIn’s […]

Adobe Buys Paris-based Neolane for $600 Million

French company Neolane Inc. has made a name for itself in the digital marketing world since 2001. The company provides tools that allow marketers to generate, optimize and orchestrate communication and marketing campaigns. The company utilizes several platforms such as the internet, email, social, mobile devices, call centers, direct mail, and point of sale. Graphic-design […]

Saving Industrial France: Report calls EU policy “naïve”

A parliamentary report released Tuesday, July 16 in France by the commission assigned to inquire into the French steel industry claims that Europe’s industrial policy is “naïve” and requires protectionist measures. The commission provided 26 proposals to, in particular, rescue the steel industry in France. Described by Le Figaro as “scathing,” the report calls the […]

Before Free-Trade Negotiations Begin, “Cultural Exception” Already Off Limits

Friction between EU member-states, starring France, led up to the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland on June 17 before negotiations for the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) officially began. Long awaited, the free-trade agreement would boost European and American economies and cement their roles as leaders in the world economy.  The week leading […]

FEMEN Strikes Tunisia with Harder Consequences

Three activists from international feminist group FEMEN have been arrested since May 29th in Tunisia after holding topless demonstrations outside the Justice Ministry in Tunis.  Two of the jailed women are French nationals, Pauline Hillier and Marguerite Stern, and the other is German Josephine Markmann. According to FEMEN, their protests were born from the spirit […]