Primary School Teacher Stabbed to Death by Pupil’s Parent

A primary school teacher died in her classroom on Friday morning after being stabbed by the mother of one of her pupils, according to police. The attack happened in front of her class of five and six year old students on the last day of school.

Fabienne Terre-Calmes, 34, was a teacher at the Edouard Herriot primary school in the town of Albi in the south of France. She was a mother herself, of two little girls.

The suspect, 47, was arrested soon afterwards near her home, “not running away, but walking, seemingly leisurely down the street,” said prosecutor Claude Derens.

The attacker is said to have shouted “I am not a thief,” before stabbing Terre-Calmes once. She has now been hospitalized at a psychiatric institution after an initial examination in custody found her to be “incoherent,” reported Le Parisien.

Authorities concluded she is suffering from grave psychiatric disorders.

Education Minister Benoit Hamon, who immediately traveled to the scene of the crime, said the suspect, “committed an abominable act in a class against a remarkable teacher.”

Speaking from the school he said, “This fourth of July, the moment we should be happy for all children for the start of their holidays, has been turned into a day of mourning … by this abominable crime.”

Fatal cases of violence are very rare in French schools, with only four known cases in the last 30 years, reported The Telegraph. A recent survey published by the French National Statistics Institute, however, has found that one in 10 teachers in France reported suffering abuse or threats at work, more than twice as much as in any other profession.

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