VIDEO: La Fête de la Musique

Video: Interview with Le Disco Mojo Club about la Fête de la Musique

What better way to celebrate the coming of summer on the 21st of June than a music festival? Just over a month ago, as always on the first day of summer, the streets of all the towns in France were full of musical groups, both professional and amateur.

Former Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, first introduced the Fête de la Musique in 1982. Since then, the event has been a way for French people to celebrate, to discover new styles of music, and to perform. This festival has crossed borders and now celebrated in more than an hundred countries.

La Jeune Politique has decided to go behind the scenes at this popular celebration in order to learn more about the true assets of the music festival for the artists, and so we met with the young musical group Le Disco Mojo Club, and their manager: Miss Déborah Raujol, founding member of the cultural association La Groupie, which works to promote young artists.

It is a talented group of musicians that makes up this “club,” and its members are becoming increasingly well known on the French capital’s scene as well as abroad, in England. This video presents the reflections of the Disco Mojo Club about the music festival, and their point of view is quite different from that of the public…

For technical reasons we were not able to subtitle this video. Please find the reflections of the manager of Le Disco Mojo Club below:

LJP : First of all, as the manager of a music band, and as musicians, what do you think about the music festival?

Miss Déborah Raujol : The music festival in France is an opportunity for young artists to perform in the streets in front of a public that does not necessarily come to see them. However they’re often playing under imperfect conditions; that is why usually in France we have a lot of covers but very few original projects, which is quite different from what we do with the Disco Mojo Club, since our music of our own creation.

LJP: Does this festival represent a good way to promote culture in your opinion, or not?

DR: Can you repeat the question please? Well, it can promote culture when it comes to cover songs, as they are performed three quarters of the time. But these are cover songs from French music groups like Johny Hallyday, Téléphone, which are groups that everyone in France already knows. It can be a good way [to promote culture] because it is free, so people do not have the barrier of cost to listen to music in the street. However, it is like Guillaume said previously, people stop only 3 minutes to listen to a band, and then they go away. So you don’t necessarily form a connection with a band, you don’t listen carefully. So it’s a good first step to promote culture, but if nothing follows, it doesn’t really help in the long run.

LJP: As the manager of this band, have you experienced any difficulties in the organization of your concert of today?

DR: So for today’s concert a gallery for a brand of clothes welcomes us, the Huit Gallerie on the Boulevard Saint Martin. So we were performing in a place that is not designed to host musicians. We had a number of problems with everything concerning the equipment rental, the soundproofing, and so on. And this is one of the main problems of the music festival: we’re not in a concert venue, the conditions are a bit unusual, and you just have to adapt quickly and do the best you can, so it’s always a bit hard. But yes, this problem affects everyone.

LJP: Do you think there should be some improvements or changes in the organization of the music festival or not?

DR: Concerning the organization of the event, if you’re produced and supported by someone, you can have a nice venue, a true stage, people who work on your concert, and concerning that, as far as that goes, there’s nothing to change. But perhaps it would be a good idea to be a bit more focused on the group that is playing, because generally you don’t know who’s playing, even if you’re enjoying what you’re listening to, people will not necessarily tell you: “This is the name of the group, you can listen to it at this place” So perhaps to highlight those details a bit more. Yes, maybe something like a calendar, why not.

LJP: If you have something to say to the youth of the world about music, what would you say to them?

DR: There are always jobs for passionate people. So it’s important to be passionate, to believe in what you do, and so if you do that, it can only work. But still, good luck!


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